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What Do I Know?

So, this love thing.

Have you heard?

What about love?

The opposite of hate, is it?


Apparently hate suggests that you do, in fact, give a tiny rat's ass; might be minuscule, said rat; still.

That negates opposition.



That's the nail on the head.

The consequences of whatever action don't matter in the least.

Your response doesn't weigh heavy or light on your mind and heart.

Come what may, you will move forward unfazed.



As you were.

Who'd want that?

Well, probably a lot of people, I can't speak for anyone but my own self.

And no, indifference doesn't ring true.

Not for me.

I give a rodent's ass.

That's how much.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it comes across as worrisome.

You know.

Mountains out of molehills.

Only not fabricated.

Because my molehill is my whole mountain and it's been my mountain the whole entire time too.

And I'm not a miner.

I just live there.

Or wait.

Maybe I'm

More like a dung beetle with actual solid shit being rolled into a solid mass.

I feel as though I may not be using the best metaphors here.

What I meant to say is that what I begin with is something believable but what I end up with seems Unfathomable to most and this happens because it's a solo journey inside of my head.

And my head is not a glass house.

You can't see shit.

So you, the bystander must do just that.

Stand by and watch and okay fine, judge

Because you don't really know what's making the wheels turn inside the not-glass house.

Hell, you don't even know that there are actually wheels turning in here for sure.

So you must assume.

Even though assumption is the mother of all f-ups.

This rant officially makes no sense whatsoever.

I've heard that's what love is like.

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