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This is where I stand.

I reject intolerance; the same intolerance that they act on and exhibit at the drop of a hat yet deny the existence of, all in the same breath.

I reject this exclusivity, this othering of our own, the othering of the same bhais and behens we swore were our own by way of our shared Indian-ness; weren't we raised to believe this with the National Pledge of Allegiance that we recited by heart, in unison, while growing up?

I reject this ideology that suggests only one community (excluding certain castes thanks to that "godforsaken" caste-system) is considered good enough to fill up the entire nation - just that one religion.

I reject this violent retaliation to peaceful dissent; which, I might add, suggests they are incapable of anything that isn't just an animalistic instinct of attacking when their ego, pride is threatened.

This isn't defence on their part, the violence, it is a strategic offence.

I vehemently reject the violence that is born of the weaponisation of molestation and rape (which are insidious in and of themselves) towards those young boys, towards young girls and towards women in the name of "teaching a lesson".

I reject this hatred that they have nurtured and grown and infused into everything and everyone that they touch. This hateful mixture of hot air and smoke that blows everywhere that they go, every right turn that they make.

I reject the worshipping of tyrants who do not bother to put on a disguise anymore because they seem to have grown spines of steel that were forged in the fire they started when they burned down lives and homes while some of us watched and later "magically" wiped clean from our memories.

Make no mistake.

I'm referring to 2002.

I reject this demonisation of another country that we can be sure is full of human beings just like us who simply want to go about their days, just like us, earning their money to feed their families, just like us, laze around and do nothing, just like us, keep their loved ones safe; JUST. LIKE. US.

I reject the military occupation of a land that is long due its freedom from the tyranny, oppression and terrorisation of the Indian State.


Over 7 decades long.


I reject the CAA. I reject the NRC. I reject the NPR.

These three are simply means to manipulate justice and bend the law to the whims and fancies of a select few who do not have the interests of our entire nation in mind (forget about their hearts).

They always ALWAYS have sought to divide us, separate us, other some of us and their behaviour has served as an unfortunate example for many many of our fellow citizens to absorb and mimic.

Our leaders, who belong to the right-wing.

They hold too much power and aren't bothered with accountability.

I reject their fascism and I wish they'd shove it where the sun don't shine.

#rejectcaa #rejectnrc #rejectnpr

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