• Diana

The voice in my head said what?!?

Once you've seen it for what it is; you can't unsee it.

You cannot undo the knowing of things.

You cannot help but recognise it in its many shapes and forms; everywhere.

Hidden in plain sight.

Undeniable yet ignored.

Because ignorance is bliss and it feels like a safe pass.

Like an easy alibi for an enabler.

The allegation is one of being an enabler.

The sentence is light in comparison to that of being an innocent; innocents have their lives taken from them.

Enablers lose their footing; no longer grounded in naïveté and forever on the fence because they refuse to face facts and the truth - their heroes are people too but with broken compasses and insidious dreams. 

Their heroes aren't heroes but villains.

Enablers can cross over too you know.

Hop off the fence and pick a side.

Hold all of our heroes accountable.

Hold ourselves accountable.

It all depends on your perspective.

Ditch the blindfold and the pretence that because our eyes avoid what's in front of us, it isn't real.

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