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  • Diana


27th April 2021



So I tested positive.

For Covid 19; not for a sunny disposition and cheery attitude, but for the goddamned virus.

What I learn from this is, you can be as careful as you want to, the chances of not contracting it will never be zero.

Because I did it all.

I stayed inside my house for well over 365 days.

I didn’t meet anyone, nobody was welcomed over for a social distanced visit.

Not one person (aside from my parents - we have been isolating together since the beginning) has crossed the threshold of my home since March 2020.

I sanitized everything, doubled down on keeping myself clean, especially my hands.

I took it seriously.

All of it.

I still got it.

Because I live with my parents and society is aching to get back to normal which means businesses want to run and people want to continue to earn their livelihoods.

So there is work to be done.

Out in the world.

Where the virus thrives.

And it latched on and came into my home.

I, who hates entertaining, am now playing host to an unwelcome guest that doesn’t want much; apart from the very breath of my life.

So I have my fingers crossed.

Apart from a bit of fatigue and a bit of body ache and headaches, I’m alright.

I was miserable two days ago, the fatigue and the aches were a tad bit severe.

Today, post noon, I’ve felt fine.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Narrator: She wasn’t fine. Shit is about to hit the fan.


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