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  • Diana

How to save a life (Grey's vibes; IYKYK)

16th May 2021

THE ODDS of a "six degrees of separation" kind of small world and the sense of humour that the universe has.

Mona Lisa being named after oh, only one of THE MOST FAMOUS paintings in the world hello!

And then one of my Doctors here is just a skilled painter, no biggie.

He showed me some of his work.

This is proof of the things I keep saying to anyone who is not an artist. I don’t believe it is about being born to do anything in particular.

You’re not “born an artist” like a lot of people love to say; at least I don't believe that to be true.

It takes a genuine interest and a WHOLE LOT of consistent practice.

It isn’t magic seeping into your bones and grey matter at birth; lol.

You have to invest your time and energy in the act of creating in order to be any good at it.

It is something that can be learned but you just have to want to do it; genuinely and earnestly.

Doc doesn’t have a degree in art.

He calls it a hobby.

He does it for the love of it.

When you see his work, you can’t deny the skill and that is the proof of love; when you aren’t obliged to do something but you set aside time do it well anyway.

The pandemic took it away from him; his time at the easel.

I hope he’s able to return to it as soon as he’d like.

Although we’re not “born artists”, the ability to create and derive satisfaction from it is a gift.

And it doesn’t have to be for anyone else, the world can hate what you make, it’s about what creating does for the mind and soul of the creator and how it impacts the creator’s existence.

That’s the gift.

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