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"Cha?" ("Tea?")

May 2021


What a joyful soul! He does it all!

Walks in as light-footed as a cat, eyes alive, crinkly and shining; reading the room for the mood we’re in. Accordingly, he is as soft-spoken or as enthusiastic and cheery as he sees fit.

And he’s very good at gauging what is required, he says hello to us, asks Baa what’s new in her life eliciting a laugh out of her without fail as he distributes our meals, or gives us chai before our next dose of meds.

All the chatter is always accompanied by that trusty old eye contact and a laugh. He tells us to call out if we need anything at all, every single time he walks out the door.

He is young. He has two young sons. He is not afraid. He says this kind of work during this time is what makes living worthwhile.

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