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All in vein.

20th - 21st May 2021

I think it’s safe to say that years of getting tattoos prepared me well for pin pricks and blood draws and injections multiple times a day.

I’m not afraid of needles and I’d say my skin is proof of that but duuuuuude, I’m so glad it’s over

What can I say about the people behind the injections?

These wonderful, soft-spoken human beings with their firm but gentle handling of your body that you so trustingly put in their hands.

When you’re in a defenceless, scary and unpredictable situation, you look for physical signs of assurances from the people taking care of you.

But this is a pandemic.

Nurses and nurses in training and the hospital support staff, Doctors included of course, are in full PPE with only their eyes visible to you.

So they make sure that they maintain eye contact with you at all times, they keep their tone kind and assuring and jovial and all of this concern is a hundred percent genuine (I mean, come on, we know when someone is being fake).

And the patience, oh my goodness, to have a job that takes so much out of you emotionally and physically and still find it in you to be a loving human being at the end of a loooooong and tiring shift; it has to be a vocation, a calling and not just another job. Less about the money and more about the service.

Every single individual who took care of us, whether it was administering medication, sanitising the ward or giving us our meals; every single individual treated us with incredible kindness and made it a point to say something comforting.

I’m not much of a talker but words do mean a lot to me, I need the words.

That said, when actions are proof of a clear purpose and good intentions, there’s nothing better; such reassurances do wonders for terrified souls.

And I have nothing but gratitude for these humans who took such loving care of me; a stranger.

I am indebted to the Healthcare Team at Bankers

#frontlineworkers #healthcare #savinggrace

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