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Muses come and go.

Whenever they feel like it.

You have no say, no control; whatsoever.

This can prove to be extremely frustrating.

Because the time in between their going and coming back - aka the gaps of time between the creation of meaningful work can feel shitty, which translates into crappy (art)work.

Having said that, acknowledging them in a somewhat ritualistic manner feels necessary.

Saying goodbye, giving them flowers (or mushrooms), playing their songs and showing gratitude for all the cathartic art you were able to channel through them.

Grieving them on their way out the door but asking them to tell their friends about the vacancy they've left behind because I could do with some ideas right about NOW DAMNIT!

*Deep breath*

We're not mad.

We're fine.

We're let-t-ing g o .

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