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May 2021

Nurse-in-training, Rinku, said she wasn’t ever scared.

When the pandemic first broke and the protocol had to be learned, she did it within 24 hours.

She doesn’t think about dying, she’s practical about it; if and when her time comes, she’s ready.

Until then there’s work to do; she isn’t scared, what’s the point of being in this profession if fear takes over when the hour of need arises?

She’s young, recently married and hasn’t seen her family in two months but she’s accepted the situation for what it is, she understands the why of it all.

This is exactly what she signed up for.

She calls it Seva and believes it is the most meaningful way to live.

Have I mentioned that she has a joyous light about her?

Literal sparkles in her eyes when she smiles.

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